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Twice a year, a laundry-list of New York restaurants have a Blue Light special. Restaurants normally occupied by people with six-figure credit limits are suddenly invaded by the common man, and a lot of mediocre chains eateries frequented by vanilla borings just try to drum up business.

Reservations fill up fast, so consider this your fair warning. Chefs create paired down prix fixe menus, with typically 2-3 courses and 2-3 options per course. Lunches are $25/per person, dinners are $35/person. Make those resi’s immediately

Edible Humor has created two lists. One of our picks, and another list for people with poor taste.

Restaurant Week for the Informed and Clever:

1. A Voce Columbus
2. Café Boulud
Daniel Boulud.
3. JoJo (hot tip: JoJo has a great prix fixe menu every Sunday)
4. Maialino
5. Adour Alain Ducasse
6. SHO Shaun Hergatt
7. August
8. Mercer Kitchen
9. Nougatine at Jean Georges
10. Alto

Other notables: Lure Fishbar, Morimoto, One if by Land Two if by Sea, Aldea, Barolo, Convivio

Restaurant Week for Fanny Packs and Neck Aches:

1. Ruby Foo’s (Times Square aka Headquarters)
2. Angelo & Maxie’s Steakhouse
3. Blue Water Grill (overrratted)
4. The Breslin (I just like the idea of this trendy joint getting overrun by the inverse of their target market. And you know that lamb burger won’t be an option.)
5. China Grill (Chain. Overpriced Chinese.)
6. Mr. K’s (This place literally dumps mediocre General Tsao’s Chicken in a gold-plated serving dish to make it feel fancy. Likewise with China Grill, don’t eat at a Chinese restaurant that doesn’t have a single Chinese diner.)
7. Michael Jordan’s The Steak House (I generally don’t trust an athletic restaurateur, however Tiger could have a chance with a cheap sushi chain.)
8. Sushi Samba (While I’ll never complain about the rooftop and the cocktails, there’s really no reason to actually eat sushi here.)
9. Bond Street (tied with dell’anima for bitchiest waitstaff in the city)
10. Mr. Chow (another resto big in LA and like-whatever in NYC)

For the complete list and reservations, visit http://www.nycgo.com/restaurantweek/summerlove.

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