There are certain situations in life where it’s extremely difficult to drink wine.

Last weekend, I tried to sip pinot grigio in the bow of  a moving boat.   Crashing over waves with the wind whipping like crazy, the wine sprayed all over my face every time I brought the petite clear plastic cup to my lips.  After a few waves  I was covered in white wine.  (First world problem.)

Recently, a friend of mine put more thought into her summertime Sunday plans. When she and her fiancé faced with the dilemma of enjoying an afternoon bottle of rosé or making a healthy adult decision to go for a bike ride, they hopped on their bikes and cruised across the Brooklyn Bridge. With a Camelback full of rose. (I tip my hat to you, M & H.)

Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was an answer to these Sunday afternoon challenges? One simple apparatus equipped to contain 750 mL of liquid. Strong enough for a man, aesthetically designed to boost a woman.

image courtesy of baronbob.com

Introducing, The Wine Rack. A sports bra with built-in bags for your favorite liquid. This is great for:

  • The woman on the go…who requires hands-free drinking.
  • Women who don’t have arms.
  • New mothers who feel guilty about feeding their babies formula in lieu of human leche.
  • Alcoholic trannies who throw in the towel after a few cocktails.
  • Women who need a boost and a few drinks to build up confidence.
  • Hazing of fraternity pledges (brosicingfromabro)
  • Multi-tasking Moms power-walking with hand weights.
  • Ladies who ride in motorcycle sidecars.
  • Superior athletes who consume Gatorade for sports, not for hangovers.

The best part? When your liquid of choice has been consumed, blow into the tube to inflate. Which makes it great for swimming, but not great for Jersey Shore-style chest-bumps.

Buy one for your sister! $30 at www.baronbob.com

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  1. Mark A says:

    You need to try the wine in a pop can method as implored on the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode last season….it’s ingenious ;-)


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